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Intro post and master list for my fanfictions. :)

Most of what's listed here is old or abandoned. Most of my new fic can be found on my "fic: ___" tags or on my fanfiction.net account here.

See my tumblr for what I'm up to because I basically never post here anymore. I'm over there as dutchydoescoke.

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If you read, please comment/review. It makes my day.

I think this verse calls for a masterpost!

Mainly because it will get bigger and I want to keep it organized, somewhat.

I'm referring to this universe as GSM!BTR, because GSM stands for "gender or sexual minority", as none of the characters in this verse, thus far, actually fall under the LGBT acronym.

Character and sexual/gender identity listCollapse )

Anyway, onto the fics.

My fic:

Feelings Do Not Always Mean "Feelings", the fic that started it all, where James figures out he's asexual.

Other people's fic:

My Bones Are Shifting In My Skin by fairygrrl45. bb!boys! Summary: Kendall kisses Jenny, and Logan watches pretty boys but James just doesn't GET it.

Forgive me, First Love, But I'm Tired by fairygrrl45. more bb!boys! Summary: James likes him. In a way he hasn't liked anyone before. Anyone but Kendall, anyway.
This is a notification that I'm not returning to this journal anytime soon.

Due to personal reasons, I no longer feel safe here.

I've set up shop somewhere else, but in case the personal reason sees this, I'm not saying where.

I love you guys, and I'll miss you.
So, uh, about a week ago, I did a Jonas Brothers primer. And threatened a part 2 about Joe and Nick.

So, yeah, I did it.

(All images ganked from various places on the internet.)

Brothers who are also boyfriends is my tumblr tag for these two for a reason.Collapse )

Jonas Brothers Primer

Okay, if you've seen my tumblr (or twitter) in the past, oh, three weeks or so, you'll realize I'm on a Jonas Brothers kick.

So, this primer was assembled so the people following me at least know who the fuck I'm talking about.

The Tale Of The Three Brothers (no, not that one, the one with an overabundance of catchy songs and hair product)Collapse )

Mar. 19th, 2012

Personal ranting ranty rant below, so, uh, hide.

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Title: Feelings Do Not Always Mean "Feelings"
Author: xiexiegirl
Disclaimer: If I owned BTR, I would be Nickelodeon and Roundhouse would officially be on DVD. QED.
Fandom: Big Time Rush
Pairings/Characters: James/Kendall one-sided
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Word Count: 774
Warnings: Spoilers up to Secrets. Asexual and genderqueer characters.
Summary: James had grown up listening to the "feelings for people" speech. Only, he didn't have the feelings everyone meant.

James, his entire life, had heard the “you're going to grow up and have... feelings for someone when you're older” speech.Collapse )

Hi, guys!

It's been... Forever. Basically.

This place is basically silent except for fic and I never check my flist.

So, like, if you want to contact me, you're better off doing it at my tumblr.

I'll warn you: Most of my posts are random and usually have something to do with Newsies, Roundhouse, or Doctor Who.

Title: Penny On The Floor
Author: xiexiegirl
Rating: PG-13, if that.
Pairing: Nick/Jeff
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Jeff and Nick have a fight
Notes: Okay, so this is actually a small part of what is turning out to be a pretty big universe, which, once it's finished, will be posted. I've posted snippets of it to my tumblr account here, and here. (There's a brief overview of the plot of the universe in my rambling here, which I recommend you read first. It's slightly crazy.)

Anyway, this is set at some point in the future after they've started working at Lulu's Noodles and the bead shop. This is also a paper-thin excuse to have Jeff sing one of my favorite songs from the Clarks. (Link to the song Jeff sings is here. It's "Penny On The Floor" by the Clarks.)

There's a penny on the floor and you're gone. The television's on...Collapse )

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